Master your blood sugars

Understand what foods and lifestyle habits affects your blood sugars both positively and negatively and how you can design a lifestyle that will help you get your sugars in normal range

Get your Mo-Jo back & Enjoy the benefits of optimum health

Improved mood, vitality and motivation. Get out of overwhelm and into the right course of action. Enjoy feeling energetic and positive about your future health. Significantly improve your immune system fighting off common infections as well as more serious illnesses. Feel sharper, less tired and less brain fog.

Benefits to your body

Significant weight loss where needed, brighter skin, healthier hair. Enjoy the anti-aging benefits that this program brings. A more vibrant you!

Radically reduce the risk of further complications

Diabetes is a leading cause of blindness, amputation, heart disease, stroke, kidney failure and dementia. Every 1% correction in blood sugars significantly reduces risks.

A System to help you succeed

Rather than living in fear you will have a clear plan and mission to achieve your very best personal health. Most importantly you will be supported and accountable through the process.

Be Your Own Health Advocate

Understand what a healthy lifestyle really means, how to achieve it and cut through the hype and the fads. Play an active role in being part of your healthcare team.

There is no magic cure


Join a program today

  • On-line Type 2 Diabetes program
  • $ 0
  • Learn about diabetes reversal and lifestyle health in your own time while in the comfort of your own home plus be part of an invaluable private support group. Have a whole new understanding of the Type 2 diabetes epidemic and how to overcome it.

  • ONE HUNDRED DAYS TO HEALTH - Type 2 Diabetes Group Program
  • $ 100
  • Being accountable, being measured and being part of a group moving towards a common goal as well as regularly getting all of the up to date science on diabetes remission is what will help you achieve the best results both in upgrading your health and your life goals. This program is designed to help you achieve the healthiest version of you and be really informed. I’m hugely excited about this program which includes all of the latest science on both diabetes reversal and the psychology of making and sustaining changes as easily as possible.


  • One to One Type 2 Diabetes program
  • $ 100
  • You may prefer to have a program tailored to their specific needs and to fit into your busy schedule. You may prefer to have more personal and private contact. Limited places available for these programs. Please connect with me here to arrange a chat.

So who am I?

My name is Siobhán (pronounced Shivaun) Dee.

I am Irish and live in Dublin, with my family.

For decades, diabetes has featured in both my family and professional life. I am passionately and wholeheartedly committed to making the lives of those with diabetes a healthier and happier one. I want to show you the true meaning of a healthy lifestyle that’s easy to stick to so that type 2 diabetes does not have to be a progressive and lifelong disease.

What people say

about our freedom from diabetes program

*** I love being part of Siobhans community. My blood sugars are normal for the first time in 3 years. I want to keep this going. My clothes are looser, I’m enjoying exercise. I have made some life changes and rediscovered myself which I’m so grateful for.


This is such a horrible disease and having positive support is so useful. Siobhan has motivated me by helping me understand why I need to do this and what is important for me. I struggled for so long, signing up to Siobhan is the best thing I ever did for me and my health.


****I did a 6 week program with Siobhan. In that time I dropped a stone, my blood sugars have gone from 13 to 6.5, I am exercising every day and eating a whole new diet. Best of all I have energy to clean the house and walk places. I am happier. I can’t believe the difference already. I’m almost there!


***Joining Siobhans group is the best thing I have done for my health. I can’t believe how much I learned from her how to care for myself. Now my blood glucose is normal and so is my blood pressure and cholesterol.


Being part of Siobhans community has given me the impetus to radically upgrade my health and reverse my T2 diabetes. I have learned so much information that I was never told by my medical team, I feel motivated and supported and importantly I have reduced my medication despite my doctor wanting me to start insulin a few short months ago. I’m on the way to eliminating medication and my doctor is thrilled with my great blood sugars.


From my blog

Advices, lifestyle tips and more insight into the world of diabetes.



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6 days ago

Siobhan Dee

THIS WORKS, I PROMISE! - Changing health habits really starts with the right mindset. Diabetes Reversal takes courage and stamina. This gets you have way there:

Five Steps to Create a Transformational Mindset:

1. Take some time every day to practice mindfulness or just being still. Also focus on giving your full exclusive attention to the task in hand. Do not engage with other thoughts that come to mind during that period.

2. Aim to get to bed and get up at the same time every day (yes, even the weekend). Try it for one week, you will seriously feel the benefits. Make sure you get 7-8 hours.

3. Try to get out for a walk as early in the day as possible. This is great to lift your mood, get fat burning early in the day and also good for your circadian rhythm to help you sleep better.

4. Spend more time with supportive people that make you feel good. Being part of an organisation with like-minded people, doing charity work, enjoying a hobby – these activities have been proven to benefit your health and decrease stress levels. Take advantage of all these opportunities.

5. Spend less time with non-supportive or negative people. By cutting time with those that drain your spirit you create more time for positive and uplifting activities. Learn to say NO!

And a bonus point for reading this far 😄 Focus on your gain rather than your gap. Recognise everything you do well, mentally celebrate and enjoy the positive outcomes. Focus on what you are gaining rather than what you may be losing. Good sleep is so much better than browsing the web or watching Netflix. Keep reminding yourself of the positives of every change you make.

Take care of YOU. You are totally worth it x
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