Coffee Drinking Diabetics Living Longer?

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Coffee Drinking Diabetics Living Longer?

As I was having my coffee this morning I was reflecting on how not so long ago, coffee felt like a health vice and I rarely indulged in it.  However, recent studies are showing many interesting health benefits. The truth lies somewhere in the middle and as with all psychoactive substances it’s not the same for everyone.


We all know the implications of drinking too much coffee and let’s face it, it doesn’t feel great.

Overindulgence can provoke jitters, anxiety and insomnia. Too much can also trigger the release of cortisol which can result in a raised blood sugar, sugar cravings and a general increased appetite. If you drink coffee regularly you are less likely to experience these ‘side effects’, as an occasional drinker I tend to be more susceptible.


If you suffer from chronic fatigue it is perfectly understandable why you might drink lots of coffee to get through your day but you may be damaging your adrenals in the process which further exacerbates your fatigue problem. This is one example of where coffee is really not good. Decaffeinated is a better option in this case but the chemical process used to remove the caffeine may negate the benefits. Make sure you chose a healthy brand.


Rather than focus on the negatives though, I would like to share some of the positive information that is being published on coffee. However I must stress that I am not suggesting that you increase your intake or take it up if you don’t drink it!


My personal habit is generally one a day, I would not advise exceeding 3 – 4 a day. The risks can start to outweigh the benefits at that point.

Take time to smell it, taste it and savor it. Drink only quality coffee, no added flavourings or syrup which are lethal when it comes to blood sugar and calories. Also avoid artificial sweeteners in it. Try it with a little almond milk or coconut milk for a different experience.

Drink it mindfully rather than for a ‘hit’. This will boost the health benefits.

Like all food and drink that is being given a near superfood status, best outcomes are obtained when it is part of a fresh healthy nutritious diet as opposed to a diet heavy in refined and processed foods

Many studies have been done of coffee and caffeine consumption. Here are some reported health benefits:

  1. It contains an impressive amount of antioxidants.
  2. It sharpens brain function (no surprise there!)
  3. It can boost metabolic rate and help to burn fat but that effect can be lost over time.
  4. It may lessen the chances of getting liver or colorectal cancer.
  5. Coffee drinkers have a lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.
  6. It may lower the risk of stroke by up to 20%
  7. Coffee drinkers are reported to live longer! This is also reportedly true of people with diabetes that drink coffee. One study showed that coffee drinking diabetics had a 30% less chance of death over the twenty year study period. I need more convincing!!

So there is some good news for coffee. It may help you enjoy your next coffee all the more. One of life’s pleasures is a nice piece of dark chocolate and a good coffee.





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