Signs of Type 2 Diabetes or Prediabetes?

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Signs of Type 2 Diabetes or Prediabetes?


Unlike most diseases  the signs and symptoms of type 2 diabetes are not glaringly obvious to either the person that has it or to a health care professional. People with high blood sugars frequently come and go from doctors surgeries with their insulin resistance, pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes undetected.


Yet with estimates of some populations up to 50% have prediabetes (higher than normal blood sugars, may go on to develop T2) and 6.5 to 10 percent have type 2 it’s helpful to know what we should be looking out for because it’s not always obvious. Incredibly it’s thought that 50% of people with type 2 do not even know they have it.


In fact it is not uncommon for someone to be in a pre-diabetic state or have full blown Type 2 for five years or more. Unfortunately however, it’s an insidious disease and while it is active these effects are subtle but serious. At time of diagnosis there is often already damage done to small blood vessels in the eyes and kidneys and there may be signs of heart disease.


For those that are very overweight or obese there is a better chance that the doctor may check their blood sugar but bear in mind that this is not a routine check in most surgeries. This can be a huge disadvantage to those that are not overweight or appear to be an obvious candidate for the disease.


If you are overweight, do not exercise much and consume a lot of sugary foods and drinks or eat a lot of processed/packaged foods these are 15 signs that may indicate that a blood test would be a good idea to have your fasting sugars checked. It’s important to note that not everyone with T2 diabetes is overweight, some people have a low fat threshold and even a small/moderate amount of internal fat around the liver/pancreas can lead to a diagnosis. This can be particularly relevant if you have a family history as genetic predisposition increases your risk of diagnosis.


So this is a list of symptoms that people tend to complain of. They would often experience a few of these or in extreme cases most of them.


1. Tiredness/fatigue


  1. Blurry vision


  1. Slow to heal or recover


  1. Sudden weight loss


  1. Carbohydrate cravings


  1. Extreme thirst


  1. Frequent urination


  1. Thrush and frequent infections


  1. Nausea


  1. Sexual Dysfunction


  1. Unexplained mood swings, irritability


  1. Breath odour – sweet or acetone


  1. Numbness or tingling in hands or feet


  1. Dark skin patches in skin folds



It’s important to note that having these symptoms does not confirm that you have diabetes. Only a blood test can do that and if you do have these symptoms it is important that you see your doctor.


Many but not all people will also fall into the category of :


  • Being Overweight
  • Apple Shaped
  • Do not exercise enough
  • Have had a significant stress event in their lives
  • Have ongoing stress
  • Eat a lot of refined or processed carbohydrates
  • Have poor sleep patterns



If you are experiencing some of these symptoms it would be a good idea to ask to be checked for type 2 diabetes or prediabetes. It’s a simple blood test and is always a good idea to have a benchmark. This is especially important if your blood sugars are high.


If you do discover this to be the case then you will want to immediately go about rectifying it. The great news is that it can be reversed and the sooner you set about making those changes the easier it is to reverse. It does not have to be a lifelong condition particularly if you act fast and make the necessary changes.  It should also be said that even if you have had it for many years there is also a good chance that you can reverse it or significantly improve it. The beauty of implementing an anti-diabetes lifestyle is that it hugely benefits your health in so many ways, reducing your risks of heart disease, some cancers and improves emotional health, vitality and quality of life. So much to gain!


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