Willpower won’t work for diabetes, so what will?

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Willpower won’t work for diabetes, so what will?

Becoming as healthy as you have ever been is a very real possibility for most people. Reversing Prediabetes and type 2 diabetes is a very strong possibility. In fact many chronic conditions like blood pressure and heart disease as well as high blood sugars can be reversed with the right lifestyle interventions.  I truly believe that once our attitude and focus is right we can do so much for our health as long as we are following professional advice.

Getting that attitude and focus right is the greatest challenge of all for many people.

Most people that have a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes have resisted making necessary changes for many years.

A diagnosis for the majority is avoidable yet the tendency is to think-

  1. It won’t happen to me
  2. It’s in my genes so I have no control (totally incorrect)
  3. I’ll make those changes when……

Making change is never easy, rarely is the time right. The right mindset doesn’t magically manifest itself one day, it comes as a result of starting those changes. You just need to dive in with the attitude of determination, grit and being comfortable with the uncomfortable.

It’s about uncomfortable action, not willpower.

Willpower will not cut it.

If you’ve tried dieting you will be part of the 97% of people who have experienced that and failed, willpower is not the answer.

Embracing the discomfort and resistance is part of the answer. Understanding that your freedom lies exactly on the other side of what’s holding you back and DOING IT ANYWAY is what will help you through. Putting ALL of your focus and commitment on your health goal, making it a priority is part of the solution.

Here’s some of what works for me and for my clients who are striving to regain great health:

  1. Accountability. Making commitments and following through with them. Being prepared to be totally honest with that person or ideally people; the more the better.
  2. Clarity. Being crystal clear on what the exact goals and specific changes you are working on in any given time rather than generally trying to generally ‘be good’
  3. Prioritise. When you are making significant changes they have to be priority. This actually makes it easier. Be clear what you are saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to and what the implications are. A simple example, saying “yes” to watching Game of Thrones may mean saying “no” to exercise, meal planning etc. “Yes” to the snooze button may mean “no” to starting your day healthily being organised or in a winning frame of mind.
  4. Journaling. Honestly this is the one that most people resist and once they start they find it incredibly useful. I was that soldier too!! Writing down your goals early every day makes it easier to have the clarity and make commitments to yourself for your day. In the evening review and write how you feel. Focus on the gain rather than the gap. Do not give yourself a hard time if you didn’t cut it that day, rather find something that you did do well and acknowledge it.
  5. Fresh air, Nature, Sunlight. Find a space every day, no matter what to get outdoors. Connect with nature, it does not have to be in a nature reserve – sometimes even looking at a plant can make you feel calmer and more energised! Calm your mind and give yourself space to celebrate your beautiful self.

If you are dealing with T2 diabetes, yes you need to lose weight, change eating habits, exercise more etc but it’s so much easier when you do all of this.

All change is easier when you do this. I know it just as much from personal experience as that of my clients.

But one thing I do know is that if I don’t take on the struggle and make the changes I will not live the life I want to live and that is not how I want thing to work out for me.

Changing habits is usually not easy, it doesn’t have to be very difficult but most people give up or drop the bar because “it’s hard”. Embrace the ‘hard’, on the other side of it is where you want to be. When you are honest with yourself it’s usually fear of change that stops you despite the fact that change is what you so desperately desire. Don’t give up until you have put these tips into practise.

Your older vibrant self will thank you for your honesty and commitment:)

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