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While we have all been washing our hands diligently and maintaining social distancing like our life depends on it now it’s time to ask ourselves what else might help or more importantly is there anything I can do to be less sick if I get the virus or any flu. A strong immune system can help you avoid many illnesses or if you get them you will recover faster. If you have high blood sugars there's a good chance that your immune system is not quite firing on all cylinders. Sadly this is what caused havoc for many people that suffered

The Journal of Diabetes Investigation has reported that there is a 27% prevalence rate of shoulder disorders in people with diabetes as compared with the rate of 5% found in general patients. Most of these shoulder disorders are adhesive capsulitis referred to more commonly as  “Frozen Shoulder”. Indeed frozen shoulder may be an indication that you have undiagnosed high blood sugars. The mere mention of Frozen Shoulder can make toes curl of those who have had it (including me!). It can be an incredibly painful and debilitating condition and can make it really challenging to keep tight control of blood sugars. It interferes

One of the many people I interviewed in the type 2 diabetes summit  is Dr David Harper, author of the Bio-Diet. It is a low carb way of eating and he also gives a great explanation of nutritional ketosis or the Keto diet as it is commonly referred to. He claims that this is the perfect was of eating for most humans based on his extensive research and named it the Bio-Diet as he claims biologically it's the best diet for most people's bodies. His opinion is that it is the best, not only for reversing disease but also for preventing disease and

Becoming as healthy as you have ever been is a very real possibility for most people. Reversing Prediabetes and type 2 diabetes is a very strong possibility. In fact many chronic conditions like blood pressure and heart disease as well as high blood sugars can be reversed with the right lifestyle interventions.  I truly believe that once our attitude and focus is right we can do so much for our health as long as we are following professional advice. Getting that attitude and focus right is the greatest challenge of all for many people. Most people that have a diagnosis of type

Much as I hate to talk about it, it’s a thorny and emotive subject we’ve all got to watch our weight. The bottom line is that if you aspire to a vibrantly healthy and diabetes free lifestyle yet you continue to have a store of fat around your middle you need to do something to shift it in order to live in congruence with your health values and goals. I’ve been pussy-footing around this topic for too long. I’ve been telling people that if they follow my lifestyle plan they will automatically lose weight, this is totally true and they do. We

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