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My Type 2 Diabetes Program

What my program offers

Freedom & control over type 2 diabetes

Understand what foods and lifestyle habits affects your blood sugars both positively and negatively and how you can design a lifestyle that will help you get your sugars in normal range.

Significant weight loss where needed, brighter skin, healthier hair. Enjoy the anti-aging benefits that this program brings. A more vibrant you!

Rather than living in fear you will have a clear plan and mission to achieve your very best personal health. Most importantly you will be supported and accountable through the process.

Diabetes is a leading cause of blindness, amputation, heart disease, stroke, kidney failure and dementia. Every 1% correction in blood sugars significantly reduces risks.

Improved mood, vitality and motivation. Get out of overwhelm and into the right course of action. Enjoy feeling energetic and positive about your future health. Significantly improve your immune system fighting off common infections as well as more serious illnesses. Feel sharper, less tired and less brain fog.

Understand what a healthy lifestyle really means, how to achieve it and cut through the hype and the fads. Play an active role in being part of your healthcare team.

Join a program today

  • On-line Type 2 Diabetes program
  • $ 0
  • Learn about diabetes reversal and lifestyle health in your own time while in the comfort of your own home plus be part of an invaluable private support group. Have a whole new understanding of the Type 2 diabetes epidemic and how to overcome it.
  • One Hundred Days To Health - Type 2 Diabetes Group Program
  • $ 100
  • Being accountable, being measured and being part of a group moving towards a common goal as well as regularly getting all of the up to date science on diabetes remission is what will help you achieve the best results both in upgrading your health and your life goals. This program is designed to help you achieve the healthiest version of you and be really informed. I’m hugely excited about this program which includes all of the latest science on both diabetes reversal and the psychology of making and sustaining changes as easily as possible.


  • One to One Type 2 Diabetes program
  • $ 100
  • You may prefer to have a program tailored to their specific needs and to fit into your busy schedule. You may prefer to have more personal and private contact. Limited places available for these programs. Please connect with me here to arrange a chat.

I love my new life, I just wish I had found this solution sooner. This new way of eating and living has given me the power to heal and eliminate medication but most importantly to me has removed the heavy burden of fear of what might happen next. Diabetes no longer threatens my life. If you're ready to take your personal health and happiness to the next level, this is THE program for you!

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