Type 2 Diabetes Summit – Register

  -  Type 2 Diabetes Summit – Register


AVOID OR REVERSE TYPE 2 DIABETES. Register below to hear world renowned experts show you how to live your best and healthiest life. No Charge!


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Are you registered for the Type 2 Diabetes Summit?

We have a lineup of 13 world class expert speakers to discuss all of the latest science to avoid or reverse type 2 diabetes and achieve optimum health.

Here’s just a few of the topics you will learn the latest research on:

  • The magic numbers in terms of weight loss to reverse your diabetes or pre-diabetes regardless of your size
  • What the latest nutrition science is telling us and how new approaches are transforming blood sugar control and health for the better
  • How stress can lead to type 2 diabetes, how to manage it and enjoy your life much more
  • How to change your habits to make it second nature to make healthy choices
  • The true meaning of ‘real food’ and why it is so important to avoid or reverse diabetes or pre-diabetes
  • Why you need to look after your gut health so it looks after you
  • The secret to giving up sugar for once and for all
  • How you can control your genes rather than be a victim of them

This is an ON-LINE event and is FREE to attend on June 15th & 16th. Replay links will be sent out also so be sure to register so you don’t miss the amazing content.

You host will be Siobhan Dee, Type 2 Diabetes Health Coach and Nurse

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